Directed by
Sam Stowell
Produced by
Written by
Sam Stowell
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Trapped is an upcoming thiller film by Stowell Productions. This film will be the first film released by Stowell Productions.

Plot Edit

The plot is about a group of shoppers and a mall guard being trapped inside the mall during halloween night, with a series of murder cases happening within the building.

Cast Edit

  • TBD as PC Darren Matthews, the police officer in charge of the case
  • TBD as Thomas Russell, the security guard of the mall who is put on the night shift
  • TBD as Mr. Clarkson, the owner of the mall
  • TBD as Jessica Russell, Thomas' wife
  • TBD as Robert Smith, Thomas' co-worker
  • TBD as Danny Lewton
  • TBD as Michael McDonald
  • TBD as Sarah McDonald
  • TBD as Eve Jones
  • TBD as Kate Anderson
  • TBD as Kevin Morrison
  • TBD as Mary Davids
  • TBD as Mark Rowe

Production Edit

The film was announced in November 2008 as Trapped, along side with The Natural, but Stowell began script writing for this film and put The Natural on hitaus. Stowell confirmed in January 2009 that Trapped was the working title and it was to be a horror film. In April 2009, it was announced the film will be now known as Let The Games Begin and was now a thiller. In December 2009, Stowell announced the script will be rewritten and the film will return to its announced name, Trapped, but it will still be a thiller. As of November 2010, there is no word if the film will still be made.

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