The Natural
Directed By
Sam Stowell
Produced By
Sam Stowell
Written By
Sam Stowell
Distributed By
Release Date
Running time
Original Channel

The Natural is an upcoming comedy/drama film by Stowell Productions. The film was expected to get a release date of 2011, but on January 8, 2009, Stowell announced that no official release dates will be given until the script has been completed.

Plot Edit

The plot will be about a popular 1980's wrestler, going by the ring name The Natural, getting a career threating injury by Big Joe, who become jealous to The Natural's popularity.

Cast Edit

  • TBD as The Natural
  • TBD as Big Joe
  • TBD as Jason Harris

Production Edit

Stowell announced this film at the same time he announced his first film, Trapped, in November 2008. That same month, Stowell announced that production for the film won't start until his first film has been completed. As of November 2010, there is no word if the film will still be made.

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