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Reflections of SelfEdit

Directed by Josh Ehrendreich
Written by Josh Ehrendreich
Produced by

Josh Ehrendreich

Distribution by Mister E. Productions
Release Date

January 2009

Running Time 42 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Available Formats DVD

Reflections of Self is a surreal parable about a man, his bloody hands, and a quest for ultimate freedom. In the vein of light hearted Spiritual Cinema, the narrative presents the main character in various conversations with versions of himself.

Film ProductionEdit

Reflections is the first film release of Mister E. Productions, and is clearly intended as experimental film . 95% of production was shot with a single camera and with just one person on the set at the time of filming. As noted on the DVD package, Reflections contains no foul language, no nudity and oh so little violence. It is suitable viewing for most audiences, though not all audiences will 'get it,' regardless of age.


  • Josh Ehrendreich as Bathroom Self, Mirror / Future Self, Left Self and Right Self
  • Matt Roslund as Doorman
  • Jeff Spoo as The Boy in the Box
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