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Anthony Feliciano

Nicholas Bellone

Alejandra Galindo
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Tentatively set Summer 2010
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Mesozoic Island is an upcoming science fiction film by Mesozoic Pictures. It's also the first film created by Mesozoic Pictures. Pre-Production began in 2006, and was delayed many times. The film introduces new actors Anthony Feliciano, Nicholas Bellone, and Alejandra Galindo. The future DVD will have Behind the Scene looks, trailers, and more. The film is currently filming, and is tentatively set for release in 2010. This is the first installment of the Mesozoic Island (Series).

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It was announced on December 30, 2009 that Mesozoic Island had a change to the storyline. The new plot will be revealed later on on 2010.

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Three teenagers embark on a trip of to the Atlantic Ocean. On their ship, they encounter a mysterious and deadly storm which causes them to crash on an unknown island. As they explore the island, the kids discover that the dinosaurs are alive. As they cross the island, they encounter more and more dinosaurs. Now they must fight to survive until rescue comes.

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The Mesozoic Island Tyrannosaurus

Mesozoic Island was originally going to be a TV-Style show with three seasons in 2005 by Anthony Feliciano. A few months later, Feliciano and the original cast decided they wanted to do a remake of a film, so they stopped Mesozoic Island. The film moved to the The Valley of Gwangi (1969). After two months, Feliciano dropped the project, thinking there were too many remakes, such as King Kong. In early 2006, Feliciano looked back to Mesozoic Island, and decided to make it an original film. In March 2006, he started writing the script. During that process, he also created puppets, but they were canceled in 2007. The dinosaurs were then realized with only CGI effects. In July 2006, filming took place, and was to have a December 2006 release. During the first shooting, the first teaser trailers began to appear on YouTube. Suddenly, filming was delayed.

It was then pushed back to a July 2007 release. But another delay caused two cast members to drop out. The character of Marguerite was re-casted with Alejandra Galindo, and the character of Jennifer was cut from the film. The film was then pressured to be released on February 15, 2008, but filming for 2007 was canceled, and to begin a fresh start in 2008. Feliciano said he didn't want to rush the film, otherwise it wouldn't be as well as he would have wanted it to be. In November 2007, the so called "final Teaser Trailer" appeared on YouTube to promote the film. During delays, the software for the film continued to be tested, such as Green Screen test, and CGI test. Filming continued on June 18, 2008 and continued on August 22, 2008, completing a few scenes. Production continued, completing a short scene on September 14, 2008 and filming will in March 2009, due to the season change. "It's been a very hot summer, and now winter is moving it, it's getting way too cold to film, so in March hopefully it will pick up." said Feliciano. By early 2009, the first animation tests began to appear on YouTube. In July of 2009, Anthony made a video on YouTube explaining how the film's new release was in the Summer of 2010. Plans were announced about a fourth teaser to promote the film.


Mesozoic Island has been delayed multiple times during the production. It was first pulled off in 2006 due to personal issues, and when filming finally continued, two cast members pulled out. The search for new actors was on, and Alejandra Galindo was casted as the new Marguerite, and another character, Jennifer Green, wasn't found, so the character was cut out of the final story. When filming restarted in 2008, it filmed for three days during the summer. The movie is now on hold on filming. Currently, more CGI, Green Screen test, and more are being tested.

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Mesozoic Pictures announced that a sequel will be released. It's officially titled "Return to Mesozoic Island", and will begin Pre-Production when Mesozoic Island is released, and filming will start during or after the fan-film, Jurassic Park: Mini Series. Not much more is known.

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