Anthony Feliciano is an American Student Filmmaker and acts. In 2006, he created Mesozoic Pictures as his film company for his movies, and CV shows. He was featured in the musical play, Cinderella, in 2007 for two shows. Feliciano also creates his own films, and is currently working on Mesozoic Island, due for a 2010 release. He is also in charge of the Mesozoic Pictures and Mesozoic Island websites. In 2009, he joined the cast of "Back to the 80's", which had a three day run.

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In April 2007, Feliciano created his own Youtube account, where he posts trailers and films he works with. The user-name is mesozoicisland22, based on Mesozoic Island, though the channel was renamed to "Ancient Planet". The account will feature the "Jurassic Park: Mini Series" which has already been receiving popular demand by YouTubers, and "Prehysteria IV", along with other films.

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  • TBA: Mesozoic Island Soundtrack (Finding a Lost World)

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